Powertaur Neutron IoT cabinet

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The 'Neutron' model is the minimum base model that all PowerTaur electrical enclosure models are based upon. This base version has no pre-cut punchouts or holes. The enclosure is designed with dimensions to accommodate electronics in top space, with shelves and DIN rail installed at their lowest point, it provides a battery storage area from the bottom of 170mm wide, 190mm high, 280mm long. It comes with these standard features:

  • 1.2 mm thick galvanized steel panels, uni-body enclosure, powder coated paint finish.
  • IP66 rated for moisture ingress protection.
  • Two adjustable shelves that can be mounted in flexible orientations on veritical rails that span the top 250mm of enclosure:
    • One shelf, 150mm wide, 280mm long perforated shelf. It can be mounted vertically, or horizontally.
    • One shelf, 150mm wide, 280mm long perforated shelf. It can only be mounted vertically. It also has a standard 7mm x 35mm DIN Rail suspended 35mm underneath the shelf, you will typically hang this shelf at the lowest level so the DIN Rail components can take up the remaining space below the shelf and above the battery storage area.
  • Dimensions are 500mm High, 350mm long, 200mm wide(including door) 180mm wide(internal size).  
  • It comes with a unique keyed door lock and water/dust prevention cover.
  • Comes with two different sets of mounting brackets on the back of enclosure, one mounting set for mast pole with worm drive clamps, heavy duty stainless steel, capable of 1" to 8" diameter poles. Also includes one set of brackets for mounting against a wall.
  • (4) threaded grounding posts, (1) on external top with a large aluminum 2GA lug clamp, very conveniet for attaching multiple antenna ground wires,(1) on external bottom right corner with a large aluminum 2GA lug clamp for attaching earth ground wire, (1) on internal side of door, (1) on internal lower right corner. All grounding posts are M6 threaded, come with screws and flat washers, use with 1/4in eyelet/ring hook terminals. The grounding posts are connected in common electrically via the enclosure's metal unibody. Wire up to earth ground on the lower right corner ground lug, and the rest of enclosure including the DIN rail itself will be grounded to that earth reference rather than floating 

With this model, you customize as your outdoor enclosure application requires, drill and cutout holes where needed for connectors and hookups.

The enclosure includes 2 mounting kits, plastic and steel worm drive clamps for 1" to 8" diameter pole installations and a set of brackets for wall mount installations, the mounting hardware is shown at bottom of cabinet here. 

Shown below is both the wall mounting brackets and the pole mount stainless steel worm drive clamps for a range of pole diameters from 1" to 8 for comparison. 

Note the green grounding cable secured to the provided lug at the bottom corner of enclosure. This lug provides convenient, secure way to attach ground reference to the whole cabinet, components inside the cabinet can now tie onto the ground rail provided inside the cabinet to get same ground reference.