12Volt DC 120Amp Hour LiFe PO4(Lithium Iron Phosphate) rechargeable battery.

This battery was custom designed for large capacity and snug fit into the enclosure. However, it's a rechargeable 12VDC battery, so, it can be used in any 12VDC applications.

  • Stores 1440 Watts capacity of power and a minimum of at least 2500 full charge cycles with additional cycles likely, in other words, this means the battery should perform consistently for at least 8+ years of constant duty.
  • It utilizes an array of LiFe PO4 32700 cells and internal Battery Management System (BMS) for essential protection, such as from short circuit, and battery longevity via over/under voltages on charge/discharge.
  • Weight: 40lbs.
  • Dimensions: 280mm Length, 170mm Width, 190mm Height
  • Powder coated steel case, sealed.
  • No Terminal Posts, instead the battery has Anderson SB50 Powerpole connectors, which are standard electrical connector interface that you can wire your own leads up with. The battery also comes with a pair of 15" 12GA connector wires that are terminated with matching SB50 terminals.

    The battery shown in relation to the Quasar Cabinet. 
    The two pair very well together for a complete solar powered system.