Powertaur Charge - 120Ah, 12VDC LiFEPO4 Lithium Ion Phosphate rechargable battery

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12Volt DC 120Amp Hour LiFe PO4(Lithium Iron Phosphate) rechargeable battery.

This battery was custom designed for large capacity and snug fit into the enclosure. However, it's a rechargeable 12VDC battery, so, it can be used in any 12VDC applications.

  • Lithium battery with 1440 Watts capacity of power and expected duty cycle of at least 2500 charge cycles with additional cycles likely, under normal loads up to 50Wh and a decent solar profile(at least 3 hrs of sun light a day), this equates to the battery performing consistently for 8+ years of constant duty.
  • It utilizes an array of LiFe PO4 32700 cells and internal Battery Management System (BMS) for essential protection, such as from short circuit, and battery longevity via over/under voltages on charge/discharge.
  • Weight: 40lbs.
  • Dimensions: 280mm Length, 170mm Width, 190mm Height
  • Powder coated steel case, sealed.
  • No Terminal Posts, instead the battery has Anderson SB50 Powerpole connectors, which are standard electrical connector interface that you can wire your own leads up with. The battery also comes with a pair of 15" 12GA connector wires that are terminated with matching SB50 terminals.
    Powertaur LiFEPO4 Battery dimensions

    Side view with the Andersen SB50 connector.

    Powertaur LiFEPO4 Lithium battery with Anderson SB50 connector

    Top view showing the heavy duty handle to carry.

    Top view of the Lithium Battery.

    Front side view of battery

    Front view of Powertaur LiFEPO4 120Ah Litihum Battery

    The battery shown in relation to the Quasar Cabinet. The two pair very well together for a complete solar powered system.

    Powertaur LiFEPO4 Battery paired with IP66 enclosure cabinet

    The big Lithium Battery shown tucked into the bottom of cabinet.

    Powertaur Lithium battery fits perfectly in the Powertaur outdoor cabinet enclosures.